Daisy Sims Hilditch

‘Light & Life’ Solo Exhibition, November 2019

11/11/19 - 29/11/19

Light and Life is an exhibition of work that reflects my absolute love for painting. The paintings will, I hope, lift your spirits, and take you on a journey through sun-drenched Piazzas in Venice to quiet snow dusted fields. Throughout my career, light has been my fascination and obsession. I am constantly exploring the possibilities of paint to capture light effects on canvas. It is the light effect on a landscape, or a model, that excites me. It drives me to pick up my brushes to express the feeling that I have when seeing this arrangement of tones, and I hope will open people's eyes to that too. Whether painting a portrait or outside 'en plein air', my classical training in Florence gave me the skills and desire to paint solely from nature and in natural light.

I am particularly drawn to light on water, whether that be the River Thames or the English Channel. As a child I spent the holidays on my dad's sailing boat in Cornwall and we used to sail and camp on the boat whatever the weather. I remember feeling inspired by the ever changing light and now I love setting up on the beach, no matter what the weather,and capturing my impressions in oil paint, exaggerating contrasts or diminishing them, to capture the mood.

This exhibition has come to an end.

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